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The Catholic Diocese of Wilmington is at it again…….

Written on January 18th, 2010 by Suzanneno shouts

…as always protecting it’s priest and kicking the victims of the priest abuse in the ass. What else is new?

Francis DeLuca molested so many boys that he can’t even tell you how many. He admitted that much in his deposition last April. boys after bingo games, on a trip to Italy and in the den of his living quarters, he said in an April 2009 deposition. According to the News Journal, the bastard even said that ” The boys “liked it,” “. Supposedly he didn’t know it was a crime until he was arrested in 2006. What an ass.

Now here comes the “poor me” part of it all. DeLuca was stripped of his priestly status a year ago and is now destitute, living on $415 a month even though his rent is $500 a month. WHO CARES? Ship him off to some monastery for all I care. However, the attorney for the diocese, one Stephen Casarino, wants us to feel sorry for him, even though DeLuca faces 20 lawsuits against him for what he did. The attorney stated that “”He doesn’t have much of a life,” — well good, I hope he wakes up every day for the rest of his life remembering what he did to those kids. Oh yeah, and welcome to the real world – we all struggle to pay bills – he should have thought about that before he abused children that trusted him.

Here is the hammer though – the News Journal writes:

Now, the diocese, which was forced to file for bankruptcy in October under the weight of civil lawsuits alleging clergy sexual abuse by DeLuca and others, wants to pay about $10,000 a month in combined benefits to him and five others accused of abuse. The money would come from the diocese’s bankruptcy estate or pool of assets.

Bankruptcy lawyers say it is the first time a diocese in bankruptcy has asked permission from a federal court to provide benefits to priests accused of sexual abuse.

In DeLuca’s case, charity to the admitted abuser is a “corporal work of mercy,” similar to feeding the hungry, the diocese says in court documents. Because such charity is the normal business of the church, the diocese is asking the court to let it provide $548 a month in medical benefits to DeLuca.

OK, so not only did the Diocese file for Bankruptcy so that it doesn’t have to pay the victims all the money they may get awarded, but they also want to take even more money away from them by paying it to the priests that abused the children.

How about you just ship all those former priests off to some monastery and let them live out the rest of their lives in solitary and silence, serving the God that they supposedly love so much.