Not as much as we had earlier, but snow nonetheless. I can’t even tell you how many inches we have, because we live in the snow-hole – meaning, when everybody around us seems to have gotten 1 or 2 inches, our backyard shows 5 to 6 inches. Crazy. It is so pretty outside. I went to get gasoline and tried to get the snowblower started but – the damn thing wouldn’t start. Oh well. I figured I’d have fun cleaning out driveway — all 300 feet of it — but I guess I will have to do that tomorrow. Wonder why it wouldn’t start.

I went to Milford earlier to get milk and bread and the gasoline – and 113 was HORRIBLE – it didn’t look as if ANY road crews had been there and from the time I left my house until I got back here 2 hours later, I did not see even ONE truck out clearing Route 113 – NOT EVEN ONE. Ridiculous, don’t you think?