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The Catholic Diocese of Wilmington is at it again…….

Written on January 18th, 2010 by Suzanneno shouts

…as always protecting it’s priest and kicking the victims of the priest abuse in the ass. What else is new?

Francis DeLuca molested so many boys that he can’t even tell you how many. He admitted that much in his deposition last April. boys after bingo games, on a trip to Italy and in the den of his living quarters, he said in an April 2009 deposition. According to the News Journal, the bastard even said that ” The boys “liked it,” “. Supposedly he didn’t know it was a crime until he was arrested in 2006. What an ass.

Now here comes the “poor me” part of it all. DeLuca was stripped of his priestly status a year ago and is now destitute, living on $415 a month even though his rent is $500 a month. WHO CARES? Ship him off to some monastery for all I care. However, the attorney for the diocese, one Stephen Casarino, wants us to feel sorry for him, even though DeLuca faces 20 lawsuits against him for what he did. The attorney stated that “”He doesn’t have much of a life,” — well good, I hope he wakes up every day for the rest of his life remembering what he did to those kids. Oh yeah, and welcome to the real world – we all struggle to pay bills – he should have thought about that before he abused children that trusted him.

Here is the hammer though – the News Journal writes:

Now, the diocese, which was forced to file for bankruptcy in October under the weight of civil lawsuits alleging clergy sexual abuse by DeLuca and others, wants to pay about $10,000 a month in combined benefits to him and five others accused of abuse. The money would come from the diocese’s bankruptcy estate or pool of assets.

Bankruptcy lawyers say it is the first time a diocese in bankruptcy has asked permission from a federal court to provide benefits to priests accused of sexual abuse.

In DeLuca’s case, charity to the admitted abuser is a “corporal work of mercy,” similar to feeding the hungry, the diocese says in court documents. Because such charity is the normal business of the church, the diocese is asking the court to let it provide $548 a month in medical benefits to DeLuca.

OK, so not only did the Diocese file for Bankruptcy so that it doesn’t have to pay the victims all the money they may get awarded, but they also want to take even more money away from them by paying it to the priests that abused the children.

How about you just ship all those former priests off to some monastery and let them live out the rest of their lives in solitary and silence, serving the God that they supposedly love so much.

GOOD, Religion, Atheism, and a search for something

Written on January 6th, 2009 by Suzanneno shouts

If you have not checked it out yet, go to and see for yourself.  I found the blog via little leaflets that were at a Starbucks store and have been hooked on the website ever since.  This week the GOOD blog had a story about Atheists.  Of course, this article comes at a time where I am really struggling to figure out where I am in terms of religion/spirituality/atheism.


I am not a believer and I don’t make a secret out of it.  However, I also always had an interest in trying to find out more and trying to figure out what it is about religion that hooks people.  In some way I am even a bit jealous in the fact that people can find comfort in something that isn’t tangible – because I can not.  That said, however, my partner and I have been to a few meetings of a “house church”.  The meeting were started by some of our friends and are headed by Reverend Dusty Pruitt.

Raised in the Missionary Baptist tradition in Ballinger, TX, Dusty Pruitt was a US Army officer in 1971 and discovered MCC when a subordinate, who just happened to be an MCC deacon, was assigned to her office and sought permission to attend church. Dusty is now a retired MCC pastor and says that MCC’s ministry is “Life-changing, life-giving, life-saving” and that other denominations just have no clue about the community of MCC.

In 1983, after pastoring MCC Long Beach for three years and continuing to drill with the Army Reserve two times a month and two weeks a year, she gave an interview to the Los Angeles Times about her work with MCC as an example of how one person could reconcile the often wrenching conflict many gay men and lesbians have between gay and God. This article was picked up by Pruitt’s commander in the Individual Ready Reserve who initiated an investigation into Pruitt’s moral character (for being gay). This investigation took away her promotion to Major and gave her an honorable discharge. Pruitt went to the American Civil Liberties Union, which took her case along with the Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund. The ensuing 12-year legal battle was resolved in 1995 with Pruitt’s being reinstated, accorded the promotion to Major, and then retired with the Army Reserves. The case was denied certiorari by the U.S. Supreme Court thereby allowing  a positive ruling by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to remain in effect–which resulted in Grethe Cammermeyer, Keith Meinhold, and Mel Dahl all being allowed to serve as openly gay in the service until their retirements as well.

I feel comfortable with Dusty because I know her on a personal level and, most of all, because she is a lesbian.  The church that we are starting here is a UCC (United Church of Christ) which varies greatly from the Church of Christ in that is is an open nd welcoming denomination.  Nevertheless I still struggle with the idea of “being religious” but on the other hand feel pulled toward seeing this through to see where it will lead me (or what it will lead me away from, as the case may be).


I try to be very open minded at this point and to really see if there is anything there that means something to me.  After all, when my mother died at age 49, the first thing I wanted to do was to go to church.  I never quite understood why I felt so strongly about going to church during that time of my life, but I lived in Maryland and visited a German church.  I didn’t quite fund what I wanted (inner peace, healing, talk, companionship of some sort) — but I never quite gave up hoping that I would find it somewhere.


During the holidays there were a lot of shows on TV about the bible, the history of Christianity, and the life of Jesus.  I watched many of them but found one on the Banned Books of the Bible the most interesting because it answered many of my questions (how did the Bible come about, who compiled it, who decided what to put in it, etc.).  I find myself more confused now then I did before though – because I just don’t think I can put a lot of faith and believe in a book that I feel is not “divine”.  How can something be the word of God, if men meddled with it?  I also have a tough time seeing Jesus as the savior – but thats a story for another day.


SO ANYWAY – I stared attending service and try to become more informed about Christianity and the Bible – because I need to KNOW about it to be other in favor or against it or to even not have an opinion at all.  I didn’t grow up with spirituality of any kind.  My family ily did not attend church, did not subscribe to any religion, or was very spiritual in any other way.  So I am learning and teaching myself as I go.  Now if only I could figure out what is pulling me and why and where to — though, something inside of me tells me that I will never be a believer or a follower of any one religion.  But until it gives me the heebie jeebies, I will stick with it and see where it leads me – and who knows – maybe Dusty can help a hard headed skeptic like me find my niche in this whole thing.


Where am I getting with this post?  I don’t know. . .


I am curious – are you a religious, spiritual, or atheist person?  Why?

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