Just finished reading THE SHACK – have you read it?

If you want to get some more info you can get it at Wikipedia.
I am not a very religious person but this book really makes me look at my “preconceived [...]

just don't feel like writing…and no time!

been too damn busy to even read a newspaper – not like we really actually have a newspaper worth reading in Delaware. Still job hunting – I think that [...]


2 weeks later I finally have my car back again. I had to inch it back and forth to turn it ON THE SPOT (you can do that with [...]

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We are still under construction – it’s taking a bit longer then expected – we apologize for the mess.  Moving WP blogs is a pain in the &*)^&*(%&*(%

My driveway yesterday and today

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Roof collapses everywhere

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From what I understand the roof collapsed at the Big Lots in Milford (not too far from where I live) as well as a roof either caved in or collapsed at the Milford Walmart. If you have a flat roof – get out there and clear it off!!!

As I see it…

Published on February 6th, 2010no comments

the pictures on delawareonline.com regarding the snowfall in Sussex look all a lot more harmless than the view out of my windows. They show a few inches of snow while I was stuck up to my “you know what” trying to walk to the pole building. The snow is higher than the snowblower, so I can’t use it. All the trees lining the driveway are so full of snow that they are not only drooping but entire tress are laying across the driveway. My pussy willows were almost flattened but I was able to shake the snow off of them. In the backyard you can’t tell where the deck ends and the above ground pool starts. The snow came all the way up to the third step onto the deck. Another few inches and our Satellite Dish would have been under the snow. The snow is all the way up to the top edge of the AC units.

buried in snow

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looks like over 2 feet, close to 3 feet outside our house. Power off since 3am this morning, just came on, think it will leave us again. House was down to 50 degrees – effin cold. can’t leave the dogs alone though.


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it can stop snowing now

The snow is still falling

Published on January 30th, 2010no comments

Not as much as we had earlier, but snow nonetheless. I can’t even tell you how many inches we have, because we live in the snow-hole – meaning, when everybody around us seems to have gotten 1 or 2 inches, our backyard shows 5 to 6 inches. Crazy. It is so pretty outside. I went to get gasoline and tried to get the snowblower started but – the damn thing wouldn’t start. Oh well. I figured I’d have fun cleaning out driveway — all 300 feet of it — but I guess I will have to do that tomorrow. Wonder why it wouldn’t start.

I went to Milford earlier to get milk and bread and the gasoline – and 113 was HORRIBLE – it didn’t look as if ANY road crews had been there and from the time I left my house until I got back here 2 hours later, I did not see even ONE truck out clearing Route 113 – NOT EVEN ONE. Ridiculous, don’t you think?